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What's SMED?

SMED is Single Minute Exchange of Dies. Shigeo Shingo invented it at Toyota and reduced changeover times from hours to minutes. It is often called Lean or Quick Changeover.

  • A flailing pharma division became a global industry leader as a standalone spinoff (SMED was the vision)

  • A national battery manufacturer increased market share by 8% (Thanks, SMED)

  • Toyota went from small and struggling to the Toyota of today (Shigeo Shingo invented SMED there)

SMED adds weeks of additional annual production in your plant.


How much is downtime costing you?





Did you know that 10 minutes daily downtime = 1 week annual lost production?


SMED will slash your downtime as it has slashed downtime in tens of thousands of companies. (Including your competitors)


Our SMED/WORX program


Will teach your entire team how to implement SMED. At the end of the program you will have a functioning SMED program with a list of action items and the knowledge to address them.


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