Quick Changeover Program

SMED/WORX is a 5 day executive briefing + workshop + kaizen held in your plant in English or Spanish. Here's a typical* schedule:

Day 1

  • Familiarization, discussion of means and objectives

  • SMED as a competitive strategy Executive briefing for management (3 hours)

Day 2

  • SMED/WORX Workshop - Full day session with SMED team members teaching how to identify and improve changeover delays

  • Monster Maker simulation - Exercise with changeover simulator applying lessons of the workshop

Day 3

  • Value stream - The SMED team develops a value stream flow chart with timeline. Identify bottlenecks and issues.

  • Measure it! - The SMED team reviews or develops a changeover time tracking system

  • GEMBA walk/analysis - The SMED team visits the changeover site to verify the flow chart and develop improvements

Day 4

  • GEMBA walk continues

Day 5

  • Action plan - The SMED team develops a detailed action plan including action items, priority, benefits, costs, time to completion and responsible person department

  • 5 in 10 - The SMED team identifies and highlights at least 5 action items that can be fully implemented within 10 working days

  • Presentation - The team presents findings and action plan to management

*As typical as it gets, anyway. The program is always customized to your specific needs.

All inclusive pricing

$9,900.00 (USD)

+Travel and living expense

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Are you ready to add weeks of production in your plant or are you content to limp along?

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